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Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) Bursary 2020



The bursary is awarded available to students who are enrolled in the University, Further Education and Training institution (FET) and the University of Technology. The awarded bursary is based on the student’s academic performance

The MQA bursary accepts the following mining fields of study:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Mine Survey
  • Metallurgical Engineering (Extractive only)
  • Geology
  • Environmental Health and Management

The following disciplines will also be considered through a limited number of bursaries:

  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering( Mineral Processing)
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Jewellery Design and Manufacturing

Female applicants, as well as applicants with disabilities, will be given special consideration.

MQA Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Students of a University, Further Education and Training institution (FET) and University of Technology
  • Strong academic record
  • Proven financial need
  • Students studying in mining-related degrees
  • Consideration will be given to female or disabled applicants

How to Apply and Application Details

Download and complete the MQA bursary application forms below: MQA Bursary Application Form


Submit copies of the following supporting documentation along with your application form (these documents are compulsory – if any of these items are missing, your application be disregarded):

  • Certified copy of Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • Full academic record on the official letterhead of institution or logo (if you are already studying at a university, university of technology.
  • Acceptance letter from a university, university of technology for first time students.
  • Certified copy of a valid South African identity document not older than three (3) months.
  • Letter of consent to engage MQA bursary scheme from immediate supervisor.

Application form and supporting documents can be submitted at the following MQA offices:

Gauteng: 7 Anerley Road, Block C, Parktown, 2193 / Tel: 011 547 2600 / Post: Private Bag X118, Marshalltown, 2107

Eastern Cape: King Sabatha Dalindyebo TVET College, R61 Queenstown Road Cicira Village, Mthatha / Tel: 087 095 0497

Free State: Goldfields TVET College, 14107 Ndaki Road, Tosa Campus Thabong / Tel: 087 095 0266 /

Limpopo: Sekhukhune TVET College, CN Phathudi Campus Stand No. 2659, Praktiseer / Tel: 087 095 0267 /

Mpumalanga: Nkangala TVET College, Mpondozamkomo Campus, 1 Moses Kotane Drive, Ferrobank / Tel: 013 696 8120 / 2121

North West: Orbit TVET College, Mankwe Campus, Stand 230, Unit 2 Mogwase / Tel: 014 555 8860 /

Northern Cape: Northern Cape Rural TVET College, Kathu Campus, Hans Coetzee Drive, Kathu / Tel: 053 723 0100 /

Closing Date

31 January 2020.

Contact Details

Address: 7 Anerley Road, Parktown
Post: Private Bag X118, Marshalltown, 2107
Tel: 011 547 2600

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Prioritising innovation and science for economic recovery



Photo: BuzzSouthAfrica (Edited)

When face-to-face interactions came to a halt, technology becomes the only way to keep up with school, businesses, and daily life operations. Introducing innovations to foster economic recovery has become a priority.

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Blade Nzimande together with the European Union Research and Innovation ministers had a meeting session on Friday to “introduce the discussion on cooperation between Africa and Europe to foster economic recovery through science and innovation”.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on economies and societies.

“The responsibility is therefore incumbent on us, ministers responsible for research and innovation, to ensure that our innovation ecosystems are not only protected during these challenging times but also provided with adequate resources, to play critical roles as engines for growth and development”, said the Minister Nzimande.

Plans have to be put in action to figure out how to open new economic growth trajectories post-COVID.

These were the plans put forward in the meeting:

“Firstly, we need to adopt a broader conceptualisation of innovation beyond R&D, as social innovation also has an equally important role to play. To this end, we need to adopt a whole-of-society approach to innovation, which must include, but go beyond our traditional research and technology organisations – but include civil society and grassroots organisations as actors and not only beneficiaries”

“Secondly, we must use our very response to COVID 19 as a platform for industrialization, especially in Africa. In South Africa, in a partnership between our Science Councils and the private automotive industry, we have already come up with South African produced ventilators. We are also seeking to position ourselves in the manufacturing and production of a COVID 19 vaccine once it is found, thus further building our pharmaceutical industry:

“Thirdly, support for and collaboration with the business sector is crucial, including granting economic relief measures and incentives for enterprises and entrepreneurs, and launching ambitious public-private partnerships as with examples mentioned above. In South Africa, we have decided to establish a sovereign national Innovation Fund to strengthen and grow our national system of innovation”

“Fourthly, we need to address demographic, spatial and other imbalances, which hamper our ability to draw on the full potential of our innovation ecosystems, by providing dedicated support to women, youth, grassroots innovators and indigenous knowledge systems”

“Fifthly and perhaps most importantly, governments need to be strategic enablers of innovation, by not only increasing funding for R&D but also taking measures such as using public procurement as a vehicle for innovation”

Ministers acknowledge that there is still a need for continued engagement in order to grow, redefine and recover economies with new and existing technologies.

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CEM reflects on the state of schools amidst COVID-19 pandemic



More students are back on campus and there have also been concerns around managing the COVID-19 virus within campuses. Higher education institutions have been working on ensuring that students and staff are safe.

The Council of Education Ministers (CEM) held a virtual meeting on Wednesday to deliberate over the state of schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need to afford the opportunity and space to gradually settle in dealing with the new normal of operating under COVID-19, in line with risks adjusted differentiated approach in reopening schools, otherwise schools may also become overwhelmed”

Schools are permitted to continue phasing-in more grades based on their demonstrated adherence to health, safety and social distancing measures.

The CEM’s plan is to continue monitoring the operation of these institutions on a weekly basis.  

CEM has stated that there will be legal implications for individuals who are set on disrupting schooling, going on to say “reopening and closing of schools is a legislative responsibility accorded to national and provincial authorities only. Groups and individuals who are not empowered by law do not have the authority to close schools”

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Young author’s guide on how to become a self-published author




steps that you can follow to self-publishing your book:

ISBN registration: You can send an email to and cc
Include the following in the body of your email:
1) Title of book

2) Name and address of self publisher

3) Contact details: 

4) Name of contact person

5) Physical and postal address

6) Tel. number: N/A

7) Cellphone number: 0725781834

8) Fax number: N/A

9) Email address: 

10) State whether the publication available in one physical format (eg printed book), or more than one (printed, as well as electronic)Barcode generator
This is the link to the barcode generator. You copy and paste the digits of the ISBN as they are and click generate. Then it will give you formats of the barcode to download (PDf, jpeg, png etc).

Book cover design

There are many local graphic designers that can render their services. You can get inspiration and have a brief ready for your book.
For more information on self-publishing visit this website:

Other self-publishing tools are available on Kindle Direct Publishing such as formatting your book, however, there are companies that also offer those services

My books are available at online:

Mandy’s Barn 
About Mandy’s BarnMandy is a friendly girl who doesn’t li­ke living by the rul­es. She wakes up to a dream that has come true. She finds it hard to adapt to her new family members who have turned into ani­mals because she wis­hed to be an adult. She quickly learns that rules are important and appr­eciates all that her parents do for her.

About RestitutionWandile has been the perfect wife for her ambitious husband for over five years, they live in a lavishing house in Sandton, South Africa. Her husband, David, is the founder of a multi-millionaire empire that is soon coming to a close due to bankruptcy and poor financial management from both their part. The story starts off with the wonderful couple making their wedding vows at the altar, and soon transitions to them at their home alone. At the absence of a priest and supporting family and friends, the true vows they made are tested as they learn that marriage isn’t like a wedding that is filled with roses and butterflies. 

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